Sex Kitten and Bunny Style Panties by Martha SweeneyJoe Covelli WANTS to see YOU wearing them!

For those of you who are familiar with Emma and Joe, you know the reason why you NEED to get your very own pair of ‘Sex Kitten’ or ‘Bunny Style’ panties. Aside from the fact that they are cool and SEXY, they’re also the BEST Valentine’s Day gift to get for yourself and your partner.

They’re a Win-Win gift for both of you! One gets the benefit of wearing them while the other gets the benefit of taking them off! I wouldn’t recommend ripping them off like Joe does, but then again, that just might turn up the HEAT this February.

Each pair is customizable! Select your desired size, and color! There are other panty options for purchase, but JOE COVELLI wants to see you wearing these ULTRA-SEXY panties. Who knows? Joe Covelli just might stop over to make sure you’re wearing them … and if you aren’t, he just might rip every pair you have in your home!

They’re only $16.50 each!  Click the image above or HERE to get your very own RED PANTIES!

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