The Kingdom of War and Vipers

Stardust & Shadows Book 2

RELEASING Sept 24, 2024

(dark fantasy, dark romance, romantasy)


The Conroicht have not fallen as the legends say and I have found myself in a union with their King.  Though I am the Queen of Shadows and Wolves, King Aeron of Krigare still plagues my life.  Is Uncle aware of the Conroicht surviving the great fall?  If they live, does that mean that the Enkeli are not a myth as well?

King Caelum says the alliance between Cysgod and Krigare is a ruse, meant to stop Uncle’s thirst for blood.  Should Uncle discover that the once mythical Conroicht exist, he will push for war and bloodshed, using the wolven to do his bidding.  If the Conroicht are honorable as the legends proclaim, why would the ally themselves with the darkness that surrounds Krigare and Uncle?  Is it the only way to inflitrate the enemy and save all Fae?

My emotions tell me one thing while my mind desperately questions everything I have ever known.  What role do I play in Uncle’s dealings?  Am I a viper in disguise, sent destroy the Conroicht from the inside?



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