Get your own Autographed Copy of Breathe In

Get your own Autographed Copy of Breathe In

Breathe In autographed copyThat’s right, Ladies! You read it correctly. You can order an autographed copy of Breathe In. Shipping is included in the price for both US and international deliveries. Please allow 2 to 6 weeks for delivery, especially outside the United States.

When you order below, only add the exact name for the book to be addressed to. If you only want your first name, please only write it in the required field. If you are purchasing multiple books, please separate names with a comma. If there isn’t enough room in the text field, send me an email.

I will have Breathe Out, book 2 of the Just Breathe series available soon. Pre-orders for both eBook and print will be coming before the release date. I’ll keep you posted on the dates and details.


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