Reader Content Advisory

Reader Content Advisory

2000px-Parental_Advisory_label.svgMany of my books contain sexually explicit content and are meant for readers who are 18+ years old. Also, some of my books contain sex scenes that are not just heterosexual in nature and not meant for those squeamish about sexuality. This means that the descriptive and explicit sex scenes may contain the following type of sexual encounters; M/F/F, F/F, M/F, M/F/M, M/M or any other combination, including orgies. If you are at all uncomfortable with these types of scenes or sexual orientation as a whole, my books are NOT meant for you.

What does this mean . . . it means that I don’t just mention these scenes, I describe them in detail as if you, the reader, are now a voyeur and are in the room with the characters.  Watching, sensing and feeling each and every kiss, lick, thrust, hair pull, spank and the like.

Why do I have main characters who may engage in sexual encounters that are not heterosexual only? For several reasons:

  1. When looking for a partner(s) people, at some point in courting, have SEX. (It sounds weird, I know.)
  2. Some people are primarily heterosexual, but on occasion engage in opposite-sex intimacy to varying degrees;
  3. Many people are bisexual or are curious;
  4. My goal is to educate people on how these relationships can be healthy for all partners involved;
  5. I personally believe self-exploration, sexually and non-sexually, and not adhering to social norms (we are individuals);
  6. The level of trust between multiple partner types of relationships and how they can be enjoyable without the drama when there is good communication;
  7. I want people to be more accepting of others, regardless of their sexual orientation, not that it is any of our business;
  8. I’m a strong supporter of individuality and I think there isn’t enough self-acceptance, especially when it comes to that of sexuality;
  9. Self-acceptance in all aspects of YOU is what is most important.

If you are offended by what I write or my beliefs . . . that’s fine with me. I accept you for who you are and only wish that you do the same for me. We do not need to agree, but simply accept each other for our similarities and our differences. Our beliefs are simply opinions . . . we are all entitled to our own opinions. I do not wish to force my beliefs/my opinions on anyone which is why I’ve created the page and now are sharing it as a blog post. Please do not enforce your beliefs on me. I am open to having conversations – conversations are not one-sided, therefore, if you want me to hear your side, please expect for me to share mine. If you are not interested in having a conversation then my books are definitely NOT meant for you.

Please do not solicit me to do a book review of one of my books if you are under the age 18, have not read the book blurb and/or are not comfortable with explicit sexual scenes that are outside of your sexual preference.

The above message also has its own designated page on my website, but I figured I should share this via a blog just to set the record straight.

Again, to those of you who read and enjoy my books, that means the world to me.  To those of you who don’t enjoy my books, that means the world to me as well.  I appreciate everyone’s perspective.

Thanks for stopping by.