LIMITED TIME: Get a FREE COPY of Knight Takes Pawn

LIMITED TIME: Get a FREE COPY of Knight Takes Pawn


  Get a FREE COPY of Knight Takes Pawn, the first book in the Red Knight series and many other dark fiction books HERE! About the Red Knight series: A war-destroyed planet where its inhabitants are left to reside the last three sovereigns that fighting for survival and control. For most, food and water are scarce.   In Jagger’s sovereign, the people are drugged through the water system to keep them docile. In another sovereign, every male and female is left to their own. In the Ones’ sovereign, all taken care of–or are they?
Red Knight series by Martha Sweeney
Males have been revered for strength and rank for millennia, but can their old ways keep them alive? What happens when a woman is given a type of power that none other has had on the planet? Will Jaru fall or will they rise up and become reborn. WARNING: This series contains sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.  

GET YOUR FREE COPY OF KNIGHT TAKES PAWN NOW! ………………………………………….. Pawn To King releases 1.11.2022 Queen Takes King 2.22.2022


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