Killmore is NOW Live

Killmore is NOW Live

Killmore by Amazon BestSelling Author Martha SweeneyI’m so excited to announce that today is the OFFICIAL release day for Killmore!  It’s time for all readers to meet Laurie Breitsprecher (the cover model and the fictional character), Aiden, and the rest of the Killmore crew.

Also, a HAPPY Book Release Day to my author friend Elisa Marie Hopkins.  She’s releasing “Brillant Cut,” the final book of the “Diamond in the Rough Series.”  I can’t wait to start this one.  I finally get to find out what happens to Sophie and Oliver!

Thank you to EVERYONE who read and reviewed ARC copies!  Don’t forget to post your reviews on Amazon which are not allowed to be posted.  For any new readers, please share your thoughts once you’re done reading on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, your blog, or anywhere else reviews can be shared.  I LOVE reading reviews!

Killmore will stay at .99cents (eBook) for one week.  It’ll go up to full retail price starting Monday, Nov. 21st.  Paperback copies are already available and most retailers are discounting print edition.  Regular retail price is $15.99 and many retailers are selling as low as $11.99 as of the time of this post.

For any of you who are interested in reading Killmore, please see the blurb below.

Killmore Blub:

You know how they say the enemy of your enemy is your friend? Well, I’m still determining if there’s any truth to that statement.

I was used by the Feds to report on the dealings of Antonio Herrera – the major Mexican crime lord since his uncle passed, leaving everything to Antonio. I knew everything about Antonio’s business. How, you ask? I was the only woman he kept close, really close – he claimed he loved me. You get to see and hear a lot of interesting things when you hold that kind of status.

Now, the Feds have me in what they claim is witness protection. However, I never feel safe knowing he’s out there. My family thinks I’m dead. All the while, I keep to myself, avoid most people in my new hometown and train rigorously everyday—waiting for the time when the devil comes calling for his debt to be paid.

***This is the first book in a two book series. This book should be read prior to the second book.

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