My First Book Signing with Naughty Girls & Their Books

My First Book Signing with Naughty Girls & Their Books

It was a great honor to have been a featured author at the recent book signing event with the Naughty Girls & Their Books group in California, Saturday, June 25th.  I got to meet a bunch of AMAZING authors, including the lovely, sweet, and kind Kristen Ashley.

The event was very well done and conducted by Stephanie and her team and I was excited to meet every single one of you who pre-ordered books, purchased books at the event by either me or Barnes & Nobles, or stopped by to learn more about me and my books.  I only wish I had more times to meet all of the authors, book shop for myself, and chat with all of the readers more.

What’s just as equally exciting is that all of the extra books of the Just Breathe series and Bookish: Adult Coloring Book that were not sold by Barnes & Nobles were autographed and will be put on their shelves shortly (I’ll have photos soon).

Martha Sweeney at Naughty Girls and Their Books book signing

I have a few books left from my stash, so if you want an autographed copy with some book swag, then CLICK HERE to purchase your copies.

I’ll be posting soon about upcoming events where you can find me.