Killmore Cover Reveal

Killmore Cover Reveal

Killmore by Amazon BestSelling Author Martha SweeneyThe day has finally come!  It’s the cover reveal for Killmore!  What do you think of the ultra-sexy, and beautiful model, Laurie Breitsprecher?  Laurie and I met about a year ago on Instagram (@paperback_pixie) through several mutual friends.  We started chatting about books, she read my first romance trilogy and our friendship grew naturally with a wide variety of subjects, even including HOT men and SEX!

Laurie is an avid book reader and now an official book cover model!  How did she end up on the cover of Killmore? Well, I was already in the process of writing Killmore.  I knew what I wanted with the story, but didn’t have a look for the main character for when she enters witness protection.  Laurie posted a gorgeous picture of herself on Instagram wearing a pair of sunglasses and that’s what created the idea in my head.  I asked her at first if she would be on the cover and she instantly said YES.  Then, about a week or two later, I asked if I could use her full name in the book.  For those of you who haven’t read the book yet, I won’t share if she did agree to it or not.  You’ll have to read Killmore to find out!

I was not able to fly out to do the cover shoot in person with Laurie, so she recommended a friend who was a photographer.  When I spoke with Rebecca Cohen of Photography by Rebecca, I knew instantly that having her take the photos would be a great fit.

Killmore by Martha Sweeney book cover


A HUGE thanks to both Laurie and Rebecca for helping make the Killmore book cover what it is!  It is an honor to have worked with you both on this project!  Thanks to my husband and all of my supporting readers.  I hope those of you who are friends with Laurie LOVE this cover as much as I do!  Happy reading.

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