Amazon Best-Selling Author Uses Husband as Book Cover Model

Amazon Best-Selling Author Uses Husband as Book Cover Model

Just Breathe by Martha Sweeney official book coverAmazon Best-Selling Author Uses Husband as Book Cover Model

The romance genre has altered since the days of Fabio as the main male character.  Aside from the fact that women are reading and writing more contemporary styles of romance, they’re also expounding their lustful desires and fantasies for their readers and themselves with bad boy characters who are just as muscular, but have tattoos and beards.  Add to that, authors have also been expanding the realms of general love making to include BDSM and other alternative lifestyle scenes.

Amazon Best-Selling author Martha Sweeney has taken a unique and completely opposite position on the current trend of the tatted and bearded bad boys with not only the male character of her first trilogy, but also with the male cover model featured on her third book of the Just Breathe series.  Martha used two different stock photos of a female for the first two books, Breathe In and Breathe Outbut knew she wanted, and perhaps needed, to have a male model for the third book, Just Breathe, which is being released February 16, 2016.

With Joe Covelli, the male love interest for Emma Peterson in the Just Breathe series, Martha had a particular body type in mind to represent a billionaire book boyfriend who is clean shaven, bares not a single tattoo, but is in great physical shape.  With the traits and qualities beyond that of wealth, Joe Covelli is quiet, intelligent, funny and sexy, minus the bad boy attitude and overly developed physique.

Author Martha Sweeney took a completely different route than any other author in the industry.  While she appreciates the male form, and all of the hard work that many of the male models put into being the sexy characters her and her readers fantasize about, Martha knew certain attributes she did and didn’t want her model to portray the role of Joe Covelli from the Just Breathe series.  Martha did research on the models who are currently prominent in the industry, as well as those who aren’t, in search of a lean, yet muscular male who doesn’t have a beard or tattoos.

After two months of searching for the perfect model, Martha realized that he was right in front of her — her husband.  Thomas Sweeney, indie author of The Harem, had already been engaged in a very strict workout and diet regimen and had experienced great success.  When Martha inquired, Thomas decided to increase his routines over a specific period of time to meet Martha’s deadlines and give her time to find another model if needed.

Several different preliminary photoshoots led to the final picture that was used for the Just Breathe book cover.  Martha’s husband was able to meet her expectations.  Thus far, the online responses from fans and readers have been overwhelmingly positive.  Very often, readers have been surprised to discover that the model is her husband.

Martha Sweeney is happy to share her husband this way with readers and fans because her relationship with her husband was part of the inspiration for the series, and Martha feels strongly that Thomas is her Joe Covelli.  The series was written to inspire women to build healthy, lasting relationships.  The decision to use her husband on Just Breathe has paid off and, perhaps, started a new trend.


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