Moss Manor Excerpt

Moss Manor Excerpt

RELEASES: May 10, 2022 genre: historical romance, Victorian romance, clean romance, romance  


BESTSELLING author Martha Sweeney presents her first historical romance set in England during the 1800s when the steam engine was first made available for public use. At the age of twenty-four, Abigail becomes widowed and the sole survivor of the recently deceased Lord Quincy. Upon inheriting his estate, she becomes the first woman to own property. Having been brought up on a farm with three brothers, Abigail knows what it takes to keep the business profitable. Strong-willed and confident, Abigail is determined to prove herself capable. While trying to balance the Manor, the farm, an orphaned child, and her status in society, Abigail finds herself presented with love in the most unusual of places. Will she allow love into her life when it’s staring her in the face?

A clean yet witty story about Lady Abigail Moss who is an independent woman every man desires and who every woman desires to be.

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