Breathe In Music Playlist Contest

Breathe In Music Playlist Contest

Hey ladies,

Some of you have inquired about the music I’ve listened to while writing Breathe In.  Particularly, the music that has lead to inspiration and the songs that depict the personalities of Breathe In’s main characters; Emma, Joe, Maggie, Jared, Nathan and Henry.  In honor of posting a music playlist below (which will increase over time), I figured I should have a little contest!!

Whoever guesses, and you only get one guess, the correct song that is Emma’s theme song, that person will WIN an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Breathe In!  There are two songs that I actually see as Emma more than the rest, but if you get one of the two first, you WIN.

Enjoy the music selection.  Some of the songs are general themes about the book and the other characters.  I look forward to seeing your responses.  You can post your guess here on this blog or the contest Instagram post on my profile @marthasweeneyauthor!

(Songs are listed in no particular order)

(**Temporarily had to remove the song Poison by Them&Us since I have an early version.  It will be back up once the official new release of the song is live.)

Thanks for stopping by!