First Official ARC Review of Breathe In

First Official ARC Review of Breathe In

Hey Ladies,
I hope your week is going great! Mine sure is with the first official ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of Breathe In coming in last week from Amber on Amber was gracious enough to start reading just after her last week of finals from college . . . exam results have yet to be shared, but I don’t doubt that she got A’s on all of them!! On top of finishing the semester, Amber ended up reading most of Breathe In while hiding out in her bathtub from a tornado that touched down only two (2) miles out from her town. Wow. And, to think, that Breathe In may have been the last book Amber ever read. I’m happy to report she’s doing great with minimal damage to her home and town.

Thanks again, Amber, for taking the time to read Breathe In. I can’t wait to share the next installment of Emma and Joe’s story with you!

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Breathe In (Just Breathe, #1)

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