Authors #Fangirl Too

Authors #Fangirl Too

Blood, Ink & Fire by Ashley MansourIt’s true.  Even us authors, big and small, #fangirl too!  It could be another author, a cover model or a celebrity and it still happens to us just like you.  I had a little #fangirl moment this past Saturday, December 19th not too far from home.  One of my new friends from Instagram, Ashley Mansour, author of Blood, Ink & Fire was doing her first official book signing in Costco located in Burbank, California.  I #fangirled for meeting a new author, who’s book is on my TBR list as well as #fangirling for the founder of her publisher , Upturn Publishing, who is the cute, funny and gotta-love-the-British-accent actor Alex Pettyfer (you’ve seen him in “I Am Number Four,” “Endless Love,” “Magic Mike,” and a bunch of other movies).

The most impressive thing for me, aside from how extremely nice and sweet Ashley is, is that she recognized me instantly from Instagram.  No, I hadn’t been stalking her.  I swear.  We have just conversed a few times and she recognized me from a few of my selfies.  Seriously!

I know … you’re thinking “Yeah, right.  I believe that Ashely was at Costco, but not Alex Pettyfer.”  Well, see it for yourself!  Oh, and did I mention, you’ll see it in the photos below, they BOTH signed my book!  Yay!

Here’s another fact I’ll share with you … Ashley’s book signing is only the 3rd, yes I said 3rd, one I’ve been to.  The first one was when I was in high school and I think I was too nervous, or completely didn’t even think about asking for an autograph from the author, Janet Evanovich.  My second book signing I’ve been to, which was also the first one where I got to autograph books I’ve written, was the Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 live event just last Saturday; therefore, making Ashley Mansour my 3rd.  Better late than never, right?!

Ashley was a sweetheart and even Alex messed with me a little.  All in all, it was a great morning and I wish both of them continued success in the writing and publishing industry!  Thanks for the laughs!

Come Meet Me & Other Amazing Best Selling Authors at the Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Book Event

Come Meet Me & Other Amazing Best Selling Authors at the Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Book Event

Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Live Book Event

Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland

I’m excited to be a part of this book signing event with some AMAZING authors on Saturday, December 12th in Pasadena, California!

Come meet NY Times & USA Today Best Selling Author Melanie Shawn, Best Selling Author Jan Moran, Amazon Best Selling Author Elisa Marie Hopkins, my husband Author Thomas Sweeney and me, Amazon Best Selling Author Martha Sweeney for a Bookish Wonderland Book Party like no other.  Aside from getting to meet the talented authors mentioned above, you’ll be able to get your books signed, wine and dine with us, dance and party throughout the event, take photos in a photo booth and win some awesome giveway prizes!

Meet NY Times & Best Selling Author Melanie Shawn  Best Selling Author Jan Moran will be at the Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Live Book Event  Amazon Best Selling Author Elisa Marie Hopkins will be at the Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Live Book Event

We have a $25 Gift Certificate from Alexandria II Bookstore, a 6 Bar pack of Sinless Raw Chocolates, Skincare products from the Pasadena Orgins Cosmetic & Skincare company, Starbucks K-Cups and Gift Certificates, Barnes & Noble Gift Certificates, and a large selection of books and book swag from the following authors: Suki Sather, Lisa Lang Blakeney, Elise Kova, SE Hall, Kathy Coopmans, Jennifer L. Berg, Adriana Locke, Autumn Grey, T. R. Cupak, J. C. Hannigan, Lili MahoneyE. J. Mellow and Chloe T. Barlow.

More giveaway items are being collected!  Trust me, you won’t want to miss the party!

I started Bibliobules for a number of reasons.  The main reason is that I wanted a singular location, community, for authors, bloggers and readers to find support both online and through live events.  Though I’m new to the writing industry, I’ve had a lot of fellow authors ask me questions about my writing process and what I did to publish my books.  Though I’m no expert, I wanted to share the journey we all embark on as writers through Bibliobules.  Online, we’ll have blogs and resources for wanna-be, newbie and veteran authors, bloggers and readers for every aspect of the writing process from start to finish.  Off line, we’ll have live events where you can meet fellow authors, bloggers and readers in a more intimate setting.  Bibliobules is reshaping the basic book event into an social mixer where you can do more than just meet your favorite and new authors – you get to hang out and party with them.

I’m so excited to meet everyone who joins us!  See you soon!


Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Live Event

Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Live Event

bibliobulesDear Readers and Friends,

I’m pleased and excited to share with you a community that I’ve created with fellow authors for authors, readers and bloggers that is an online and live event community;

The word ‘bibliobule’ by definition is a person who reads too much. We at Bibliobules, using the plural of the word, believe that people can never read too much! Reading has its own life force and profound effect on everyone – whether it’s a book you love or a book you don’t enjoy. Books take you on a journey, to worlds you’d never be able to visit in a single lifetime while exposing you to new thoughts and ideas.

Our online community is here to support everyone of the reading community and encourage everyone to interact on multiple levels. Through our website and social media, you’ll gain access to resources and information about writing and the book industry as a whole. Whether you’re a new or seasoned author, we hope to be a supportive and encouraging community, providing you with a single location of resources like photographers, graphic designers and even new readers.

Our Live Events are designed to be more than a basic book signing or tradeshow for everyone involved in the book community. We strive to Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015provide a fresh and exciting environment with small type settings where the readers can have more time asking questions and interacting with known and unknown authors. We’ve turned the basic book signing phenomenon into a social mixer, if you’d like to call it that, with music, food, drinks, games, giveaways and more.
If you love books as much as we do, come join us for the Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 Live Event on December 12th in Pasadena, CA.  Come connect with authors, bloggers and fellow readers for a book signing like no other!  We’ve got food, drinks, music, giveaways, a photo booth and so much more!

Click Here or on the image to the right to get your tickets through Eventbrite.

There is an Early Bird Special Price of only $20 (reg. $25 online and $35 at the door – if still available) good thru November 3rd for the Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015 event general admission.

General admission tickets get you into the event that runs from 1pm – 6pm PDT at the Cross Campus venue located in Pasadena, California.  Click Here to purchase your tickets.

We also have an option to be a Bibliobules Supporter for the price of $100 which gets you and 29 other Bibliobules Supporters one-on-one time with the authors for an hour prior to the event starting, 12noon -1pm PDT.  You also get a Bibliobules Supporter only Thank You gift.  Click Here to purchase your tickets.

Both tickets get you a grab bag, access to the authors where you can have your books autographed, food and drinks (wine), music, giveaways, a photo booth and more.

There are several hotels within walking distance, many of which offer a free shuttle to the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.  If you’re flying into LAX, simply take a FlyAway Bus to Union Station and then take the Metro Goldline Train up to Pasadena, getting off the Memorial Park Station that is only one block from the venue.  If you’re making it a family filled weekend, we have a wide variety of attractions in and around Pasadena – many of which that do not require a car.  Please see our Event Page for more details.

I can’t wait to meet you!