The Kingdom of Shadows and Wolves

Stardust & Shadows Book 1

RELEASING August 27, 2024

(dark fantasy, dark romance, romantasy)


Being raised by the viper who slaughtered my family, along with being beaten and berated by him for merely existing, takes a toll on my heart and soul. Uncle bears the crown, has changed the name of our kingdom Soare to Krigare, and desires more destruction throughout the Fae lands. While plotting his quest to rule all, I’m bartered to forge a union with Cysgod, a formidable ally and one who could ensure Uncle’s victory. King Caelum of Cysgod has a reputation that precedes him, defining him as a tyrant as well. He killed his father for the crown and is known to be just a ruthless and bloodthirsty as Uncle.

Just when I thought the Gods had forsaken me, as they did the Enkeli and Conroicht, my life turns upside down. While I fear my new king, he and his people see me as their queen. Though he does not punish me, I expect it nonetheless and flinch at his touch.

I may be rid of Uncle, but I doubt his hold on me is truly released. Does he plan to capture Cysgod from the inside, using me as his weapon, giving him the army he needs to take and conquer any kingdom? Is there a way to stop Uncle and seek revenge for the death of my kin?

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