Queen Takes King, the finale in the Red Knight series, is NOW LIVE.  The story picks up right where book two (Pawn To King) left off (sorry, no teaser here for those who have read it). The hidden truths Jagger has avoided sharing are now being revealed. In search of the truth, Red and Knight discover a more sinister game being played on Jaru, making Jagger the least of their concerns. With the aid of new friends, can Red and Knight keep each other alive while being forced out into No-Ja-Land?

Will Jaru have a new King and Queen, or will they be left to die, becoming just another speck of dust on the almost dead planet?

Jaru…It does not matter where we are…it matters only where we are going.  Together, we are strong.  Together, we have freed ourselves from oppression.  Together, we will free those who are still enslaved.  Together, we shall rise and live.

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