Red Knight Series – Kindle


This is a Kindle (Mobi file) of the Red Knight series (Knight Takes Paw, Pawn to King, and Queen Takes King.  Also available as ePub (all e-readers), and paperbacks.

Genres: dark romance, dark romantasy, dystopian
Tropes: enemies to lovers, close proximity, another planet

Trigger Warning: mention/mild depiction of rape, violence meant for 18+ years of age

Knight Takes Pawn (Red Knight #1) is an Amazon BESTSELLER!

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I’ve been kidnapped from my sovereign, forced into Jagger’s sex trade industry, killed to protect myself, and find that I’m given a power than no other female of my kind has ever had.  While trying to do my job, I chosen to be the “woman” of one of Jagger’s new men.  It’s tradition for newly, higher ranked males.

I go from not trusting anyone to falling for the male who claimed me.  Our journey takes us on a whirlwind of events that cause death, destruction, and possibly the end of everyone on Jaru.  It’s worth it if we’re going to die anyway, right?

My world as been at war for longer than I’ve been alive.  It’s been practically destroyed from whatever dacked up shit happened before I came into existence.

I was trained from a young age to infiltrate Jagger’s sovereign and bring him down at any cost.  Yet, I begin to question everything, more so when I find myself falling for the woman I choose to be mine when Jagger accepts me into his inner circle.

As I build my rank and Jagger’s trust, I learn that my mission may not be what is best for my people.  Will my people fall as the new rising gains momentum or will we fall and kill each other off on this dying planet?

WARNING: This series contains sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.


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