Breathe Out (Just Breathe #2)- ePub


This is an Epub digital download (all e-readers).  Also available as a Kindle (Mobi) and paperback.

Genres: contemporary romance
Tropes: slow burn, steamy, billionaire, FM, FF, cinnamon roll

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My rules were created so I’d have control and be able to remove any and all elements of emotion when it comes to men — when it comes to relationships, period. There’s no need to let them in my heart, just in my pants for the night to satisfy my itch.

Temptation reared it’s ugly head and won— I’ve broken a rule — one of my rules. No big deal, right? Then, why do I want to do it again?

It’s just sex. Yes. It’s just sex, that’s all. As long as Joe knows that it’s just sex, I don’t mind bending the rules.

Will Emma continue to allow her fear of loss to control her life, or does love play by its own set of rules?

Please note: There are sexually explicit scenes F/M and F/F/M

This book is not a standalone and is meant to be read after reading the first book Breathe In of the Just Breathe series.

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