Just Breathe by Martha Sweeney official book coverI know you, ladies, having been dying for it, and well, here it is!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for. Some of you voiced early on that you wanted the last book of the series to have Joe on it … and well, I listened.  Here’s the OFFICIAL book cover for Just Breathe, the final book, book #3, of the Just Breathe series.

Enjoy!  Ogle!  Share with your booksistas and lady friends the yumminess of all that is Joe Covelli from the Just Breathe series.  There’s plenty of Joe to go around!  Click on either image to see it at it’s full size.

For those of you scheduled to get ARCs of Just Breathe, they will be released shortly.

Just Breathe and the complete box set of the Just Breathe series are now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle.  You can also pre-order autographed paperback copies of the entire series from me here!

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Just Breathe by Martha Sweeney official book cover