Signed Paperback GIVEAWAY for Moss Manor

Signed Paperback GIVEAWAY for Moss Manor



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RELEASES: May 10, 2022 genre: historical romance, historical fiction, romance  


BESTSELLING author Martha Sweeney presents her first historical romance set in England during the 1800s when the steam engine was first made available for public use. At the age of twenty-four, Abigail becomes widowed and the sole survivor of the recently deceased Lord Quincy. Upon inheriting his estate, she becomes the first woman to own property. Having been brought up on a farm with three brothers, Abigail knows what it takes to keep the business profitable. Strong-willed and confident, Abigail is determined to prove herself capable. While trying to balance the Manor, the farm, an orphaned child, and her status in society, Abigail finds herself presented with love in the most unusual of places. Will she allow love into her life when it’s staring her in the face? A clean yet witty story about Lady Abigail Moss who is an independent woman every man desires and who every woman desires to be.

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Psst: For those of you who have read the entire blog, know that I’m currently working on another story about one of the characters from Moss Manor.  I’m hoping to release it around the same time in 2023.

FREE Red Hot BOOKS for February 2022

FREE Red Hot BOOKS for February 2022

YOU read that correctly!  Get your hands on at least 19 different steamy hot reads (adult+) romance books! I’m excited to announce that with the re-release of the BESTSELLING Just Breathe series, I’m teaming up with Book Cave and some other steamy romance authors to give you a taste of our sexy books.   Just click on this link here: CLAIM whichever book you’re interested in for FREE!  Please make sure you leave an honest review for every book your download and read.  It helps the authors as well as other readers who may enjoy the stories as well.

Breathe In (Just Breathe #1) is available for FREE during this promotion!  You must use the link above to be able to get your FREE ebook copy.

If you look at the second book from the left on the top row below, you’ll see the Just Breathe series listed!  It was on the Apple Books BESTSELLER List for Romance for an entire week when it was re-released after being revised and given new covers.

Free Short Stories

Free Short Stories

To read or not to read…that is a silly question!  I’ve written three (3) short stories that benefited charities and I’m now offering them to you to read for free!  They may get their own novella or fully story in the future, but in the meantime, why not share the fun?  Meet Harper in One Kiss, Delilah in Wild Pumpkin, and Sage from Hollywood.

Harper just went through a bad breakup.  Luckily, she has great friends who help her get over it on New Year’s Eve!  Harper is the younger sister of Simone from my full-length, standalone holiday rom-com Snowed In With Him.

Officer Sage McCullin has transferred to the East Coast from California and finds herself in an unusual situation.

Is there a chance for opposites to attract when this tattooed beauty meets a guy who seems to have everything put together in his life?  How does Delilah choose to handle the situtation presented to her?  Wild Pumpking is being developed into a full-length, standalone novel.

LIMITED TIME: Get a FREE COPY of Knight Takes Pawn

LIMITED TIME: Get a FREE COPY of Knight Takes Pawn


  Get a FREE COPY of Knight Takes Pawn, the first book in the Red Knight series and many other dark fiction books HERE! About the Red Knight series: A war-destroyed planet where its inhabitants are left to reside the last three sovereigns that fighting for survival and control. For most, food and water are scarce.   In Jagger’s sovereign, the people are drugged through the water system to keep them docile. In another sovereign, every male and female is left to their own. In the Ones’ sovereign, all taken care of–or are they?
Red Knight series by Martha Sweeney
Males have been revered for strength and rank for millennia, but can their old ways keep them alive? What happens when a woman is given a type of power that none other has had on the planet? Will Jaru fall or will they rise up and become reborn. WARNING: This series contains sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.  

GET YOUR FREE COPY OF KNIGHT TAKES PAWN NOW! ………………………………………….. Pawn To King releases 1.11.2022 Queen Takes King 2.22.2022


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More FREE eBooks via ProlificWorks

More FREE eBooks via ProlificWorks

Hey, all you lovely ROMANCE Readers!!

I’ve got something just for YOU!

Check out all of these FREE Romance eBooks (all subgenres) via Book Giveaways from authors through ProlificWorks.

Each giveaway has different books from each other yet some books being offered may overlap.

Also, some of these giveaways are set to be a mandatory opt-in for an author’s newsletter.

You aren’t required to signup, but if you don’t, you won’t be able to download the book to read it. So, it’s up to you.

I recommend only getting books you honestly wish to read and potentially review. Don’t just signup for a newsletter just to get a free book only to unsubscribe. The whole point of the newsletters are for you to connect with the author(s) if you enjoy the book. All of these authors have spent time and money creating their stories. Give them a chance by 1. actually reading to book, 2. leaving a review, 3. and consider on staying on their newsletter for potential book news, giveaways, ARCs and so much more.

Each one is listed based on how long the GIVEAWAYS are set to be available.  A few are not open yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be ready!

1/1 to 1/31: The Start Of The New Year Reads

12/25 to 2/25: Steamy Romance 2019

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