More FREE eBooks via ProlificWorks

More FREE eBooks via ProlificWorks

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1/1 to 1/31: The Start Of The New Year Reads

12/25 to 2/25: Steamy Romance 2019

1/1 to 2/28: Full Steam Ahead

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Christmas in July with Breathe In

Christmas in July with Breathe In

Christmas in July

With several books under my belt, I figured that giving away my first novel ever published, “Breathe In,” is a great way to say thank you to everyone who has supported me as well as to invite new readers into the crazy world of reading!  Find your preferred platform and enjoy!  Leave a review and tell a friend.

Breathe In, my first novel ever published will be FREE indefinitely!


I have eight golden rules when it comes to men: 
1. No dating or going out on dates.
2. Never let them know where I live. Lie if I must.
3. Never pick up a guy in a particular social setting that I may frequently attend. Or, never sleep with a man whom I have the chance of running into on a regular basis.
4. Never have a guy over to my apartment for any reason. My gay best friends are the only exceptions.
5. Always end things before a guy starts to want more.
6. Always use protection.
7. Never sleep over at their place after sex. Once we’ve finished, or in most cases, they’ve finished, dress and leave.
8. Always have more than one exit strategy.

Orphaned at age sixteen, Emma, now twenty-four, has complete control of her life. She is a private, successful business woman who owns two companies and uses men for sex. When Emma’s sexual itch arises, and there are no possible male suitors to fill her need, she finds alternative means. Emma keeps most people at a distance, especially the men she has sex with, except her two best friends, Maggie and Jared. She adheres to her eight golden rules that keep her in complete control — rules that she started after having sex with the first man. Rules that keep her guarded, safe and free — but then, along came Joe Covelli.

Please note: There are sexually explicit scenes F/M and F/F/M

Reached #1 Amazon Best Seller in the Bisexual Romance

Love Happens Anthology Release Day

Love Happens Anthology Release Day

Love Happens anthology with Amazon Best Selling Author Martha Sweeney Congratulations to all of the women who’ve donated their time to be a part of this anthology in support of Autism Awareness.  I’m excited to have been a participating author and hope that readers everywhere enjoy our stories!

I worked within the Autism community for over 10 (ten) years and am happy to contribute in a way that reflects my current passion of being an author.  Every little bit helps parents, especially funding which provides resources they might not have known about or been able to use.  Being able to assist with this fundraiser for SARRC and Myles-a-Part is one of my favorite things about being a part of this anthology.

Please share the links will all of your friends so we can raise as much funds as possible while also getting to read some AMAZING love stories!  Keep reading below to find out about our GIVEAWAY!

LOVE HAPPENS: An Anthology, designed by Amy Queau at QDesign! Fall in love over and over again in this collection of stories from 15 extraordinary authors, releasing April 24th. In celebration of Autism Awareness month, all proceeds from the sale of Love Happens benefits SARRC and Myles-A-Part. Add this remarkable collection to your TBR right away:

About LOVE HAPPENS: An Anthology

Synopsis:  In this must-have short-story collection, Melanie Moreland introduces us to Ethan Thomas in When Love Blooms. Melanie Harlow shares her novel, Some Kind of Love. Molly McLain and Rhonda James share Luke and Mia’s no strings weekend that could lead to love. Claudia Burgoa visits New York City in How We Met. Leap with Dylan Allen to London where we meet Cara’s dream man. Emery Jacobs revisits the Beautiful Torture Duet. Go on vacation with the beloved characters of the Unspoken Series by Gabbie Duran. I See You is based on secondary characters in Ginger Scott’s How We Deal With Gravity. Fall in love with Jeanne McDonald’s Shadow Kingsley in All Of Me. Lisa Kamps takes us to the ice arena with First Shot At Love (A Baltimore Banners Story). Bad girl Delilah meets Lance, her total opposite, in Wild Pumpkin by Martha Sweeney. Mia Kayla brings us Kent and Beth from Marry Me for Money, a couple with different views in All Work And No Play. In Love on The Edge, Molly Lee’s Dash and Blake from the Edge of Chaos spend their honeymoon chasing storms. Rockstar Silas Palmer finds love on the side of the road in Hitch by S.M. West.

Fifteen authors come together to celebrate Autism Awareness month with proceeds benefitting SARRC and Myles-A-Part.

Love Happens features stories about finding love, falling in love and being in love.

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The Romance Review 6th Anniversary Party

The Romance Review 6th Anniversary Party with Martha SweeneyI’m excited to participate in The Romance Review 6th Anniversary Party that is taking place from March 1-31, 2017.  I’m 1 of over 350 participating authors and there are over 350 prizes for readers to WIN!

Starting March 1st, you’ll be able to ENTER to WIN!  Simply click on the image to the left or CLICK HERE to get a chance to win one over 350 prizes (books, etc.).  You’ve got an entire month to play.

Good luck!

Killmore ARC Signup

Killmore ARC Signup

Who wants to be one of the first people to get a chance to read “Killmore,” my first mystery/suspense romance novel?

There may be some sensitive material (not highly descriptive but mentioned) in this series.  This first book, book one of the “Killmore” series, may end in a cliffhanger.  You have been warned!

There will be an official cover reveal coming soon for “Killmore.”  I’m currently finalizing the trip to do the photo shoot with my cover model.  Keep an eye out on my social media account for behind-the-scenes and early pics.  I’m so excited to be doing this photo shoot.  Don’t ask who the cover model will be, because I’m not telling.  The cover reveal will be in early October and all ARCs will NOT have the official book cover design.


Please Note: Not everyone who signs up for an ARC of “Killmore” will receive a copy.  If you are selected, you will receive notification via email and will be given an exact date of when to expect to have your ARC copy to arrive on your Kindle.  ARCs will be sent by the end of September 2016.


After you sign up, visit the main Killmore page to check out the Killmore music playlist.



You know how they say the enemy of your enemy is your friend? Well, I’m still determining if there’s any truth to that statement.
I was used by the Feds to report on the dealings of Antonio Herrera – the major Mexican crime lord since his uncle passed, leaving everything to Antonio. I knew everything about Antonio’s business. How, you ask? I was the only woman he kept close, really close – he claimed he loved me. You get to see and hear a lot of interesting things when you hold that kind of status.

Now, the Feds have me in what they claim is witness protection. However, I never feel safe, knowing he’s out there. My family thinks I’m dead. All the while, I keep to myself, avoid most people in my new hometown, and train rigorously everyday – waiting for the time when the devil comes calling for his debt to be paid.

**This story is for readers who are 18 years old and older.

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