I’m in the process of creating the first official book trailer for Breathe In!  However, I unfortunately found a challenge causing some minor setbacks in taking action.  Primarily, there is a challenge with my computer and its ability to process and handle any type of video usage (working with via a software program like iMovie or even streaming video over the internet).  This is only a minor setback as I said.  The computer is being fixed, and in the mean time when my hubby is focused on certain work that doesn’t require his computer, I can get back to the trailer all while editing and promoting Breathe In via his laptop.  He’s so great!

So, as a teaser and a preview, I wanted to let everyone know that the video will be completed in the next few weeks.  As of right now, it should be ready for Wednesday, March 25th.  In the mean time, check out the screenshot of the work in progress (click on the image to enlarge)!

Thanks for stopping by!