Queen Takes King

Book #3 of the Red Knight series.



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I’ve done something that may threaten my bond with Knight, one that I will gladly pay with my life if he deems it.  It was in self-defense while trying to protect Lolly and her unborn babe.

Knight and I end up in the Ones’ sovereign and I undercover a sinister game that is beyond what I or any Jaruian could ever imagine.  When caught, I’m forced to escape, leaving Knight and Ronan behind to find Lolly on their own.

While avoiding the Ones by fleeing through No-Ja-Land, I learn more about myself than I could ever imagine, make new friends, and find myself leading the very people who wanted me dead for my actions against Breaker.

All the things I thought Jagger was plotting are nothing in comparison to the hidden truths I find out about my home sovereign.  My mate is missing and the place I grew up in feels very different than what it once was.  There is a major power play taking place and Jaru might end up with a new leader–one who will enslave us all.


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