Pawn to King

Book #2 of the Red Knight series.


The males will definitely challenge Jagger’s rule now even though he permitted me to publicly castrate Breaker. It didn’t matter if I killed him or not. The males will want me to hang. Jagger sends Knight and me away for a while but tempers are heated when we return.

There are several attempts on my life, killing many of my sisters in the process. I learn more about Jagger, the dacked up mess my world that is far worse than I could imagine, and I’ve not only fallen for Knight and can’t imagine leaving without him.

The men weren’t happy with how Jagger’s been running things, and now with his public display between Breaker and Red, it’ll just be a matter of time for his death to occur. I should sit back and watch it happen yet there’s something to his actions and words that are making me question everything I was taught and trained about in my home sovereign.

There is a new rising taking place and it’s not because Jagger allowed Red to challenge Breaker publicly and allowed her to live. Words haunt me each day since they’ve been spoken and I wonder if this is the final demise to all of Jaru: old blood must pour for new blood to be born, lies are truths and truths are lies.

Is our journey just beginning or will be perish as a species.

WARNING: This series contains sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.


Red’s Theme, the song in the above video was written for this story by Blakgraz.¬† Stream online now for free: Blakgraz on Spotify

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