Pawn to King

Book #2 of the Red Knight series.


Red has been given a power no Jariuan woman has held for several millennia–a power the males don’t agree with and wish for her to hang because of it.

More Jariuans are disappearing from Jagger’s sovereign but he nor Red or Knight can figure out the reason.

Events call Jagger’s reign into question as Others advance to disrupt it.

Much suffering will no doubt accompany the new rising, but old blood must pour for new blood to be born. Who will rise and who will fall?

Lies are truths. Truths are lies.

Their journey is just beginning.WARNING: This series contains sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.Pawn to King is Best-Selling Author Martha Sweeney’s second fantasy, sci-fi, dark romance, thriller book which is a part of the Red Knight series.


Red’s Theme, the song in the above video was written for this story by Blakgraz.¬† Stream online now for free: Blakgraz on Spotify

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