Knight Takes Pawn

Book #1 of the Red Knight series. Amazon BESTSELLER!


Natalie aka Red:
My world is messed up which means my life is as well. Stollen from my sovereign, I get caught up in Jagger’s twisted game of power and control and thrusted into his sex trade. Unlike all women who are taken, I refused to comply and kill the first slimy dacker they lock me in a room with. I’d rather die than let a sleazy male put his hands on me.

When an opportunity presents itself, I must decide if I’ll continue to be a pawn or play Jagger at his own game while finding a way to free myself. Will Jagger kill me or will I take the option that no female has ever been given?

I’m sent, like everyone else from the One’s sovereign, to spy on Jagger. It isn’t an easy job despite all my training and how tight Jagger likes to run things. Something happens and I’m brought into his circle, a bunch of males who would kill just for a higher rank because that’s all that matters is this dacked up world.

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to bring Jagger down and free my people he as kidnapped until I meet Red. There’s something about this woman that gets under my skin in every way. Is she just another thorn in my side to complete my job or is she the piece in this puzzle to changing our world for the better?

WARNING: This series contains sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.


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