Red Knight Series

Science Fiction Dystopian Thriller

When an opportunity presents itself, is Natalie willing to do whatever it takes to free herself or remain only a pawn?
All resources needed to survive are severely limited, causing many Jaruians to pillage one another just to get a single meal for the day.

There are some who wish to end Jagger’s power and they’ve started to infiltrate his organization. Money, amongst other things, are just a farce that Jagger uses to dangle in front of his subjects to keep the population in line and distracted.

WARNING: This series contains sensitive material. Reader discretion is advised.

Audiobooks coming to YouTube

Starting April 14th, my short stories and novels will begin to be uploaded to my youtube channel for your listening pleasure!  They’re read to you, by me.  Some stories are abridged versions to make it more suitable for the general public.  If you want an unabridged version, you can purchase an ebook or paperback copy.  Thanks for listening!