It’s finally PUBLISH time!  The finale in the Sleigh Riders series has released today, June 20, 2023…the day before the Summer Solstice. This has been a wonderful story to write, pushing myself into a new subgenre and I have many more different genres coming soon (Petulant Shadows – supernatural thriller coming in October). Pop on over to your favorite book retailer to get Frozen by Lies (Sleigh Riders #1) for only .99¢. Pop on over to you favorite book retailer to get Inflamed by Love (Sleigh Riders #2) for only $2.99.  (BOTH SALES are good until 6/30/23) Don’t forget to grab a copy of Awakened by Spirit (Sleigh Riders #3) for only $4.99 or get the whole box set for only $8.99.
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