I am beside myself right now!  I’m AMAZED and it all feels surreal! I’ve hit Amazon Bestsellers lists before for Breathe In (Just Breathe #1 – first edition), as well as two of the Anthologies for Charities I’ve been a part of.  However, this…this is just as poignant for me.  Tons of authors hit best-selling lists on Amazon, but I’ve not seen many recognize their accomplishments with other retailers unless they’ve reached an NYT or USA Today bestseller list. I am honored to have so many interested in meeting Simone and Wesley!  I hope you enjoy their story.  If you do, please make sure you leave an HONEST review on Goodreads, Bookbub, and the retailer where you purchased.

Again, THANK YOU to the readers for making this release so special.  It’s exciting and I’m still a little awestruck at the fact that Snowed In With Him hit #196 on the Barnes and Nobles BESTSELLER List in just 48 hours from when it was released.

Snowed In With Him is on SALE right now.  The ebook is just .99cents until November 23rd.  Hurry up and get it now!  Paperbacks are available as well for only $13.99.