Get Froze by Lies eBook for FREE

Get Froze by Lies eBook for FREE

What a unique, interesting, and fun story. I didn’t know what to expect and was beyond thrilled with how this first book of the series turned out. It has an interesting twist on the two known names with winter/Christmas – Klaus and Frost. This is a MUST read for anyone who is into biker romance, enemies-to-lovers, paranormal/supernatural romance, with an urban fantasy feel and so much more that I don’t dare spoil it for you

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You read the blog post title correctly!  Frozen by Lies, the first book of the Sleigh Riders series, is FREE for a limited time. If you like fairytale retellings with a twist, eneimes to lovers, elemental magic, an urban setting, and Frost and Klaus who are rival biker clans, than the Sleigh Riders series is perfect for you.  There’s a bit of crass language, so this series is for 18+ age range. Series blurb: A feud has ensued for many generations, leaving most from both the Frost Clan and the Klaus Clan unaware of its origin. What happens when Noelle Frost and Nikolaus Klaus find themselves drawn to each other? Will their worlds collide, destroying everything in their wake? Or, do they have the power to bridge the ancient chasm and restore balance to the world? This is NOT your average holiday story and NOT for the faint of heart.

The bitter fault of one causes the magic from within to wither and die.
It lays dormant until it listens to the beat of the soul to determine all the binds.
The magic, ignited by a new love, revives and awakens the chance for others to rise.

I was pulled in by the blurb, and I loved the book. As promised – biker clans, magic, swearing, and lots of hot chocolate (some with whisky) and a great story. Inventive, imaginative and fun from start to finish.


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