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Inflamed by Love (Sleigh Riders #2)

The bitter fault of one caused the magic from within to wither and die. It lays dormant until it listens to the beat of the soul to determine all that binds.  ARC available on NetGalley.

Frozen by Lies (Sleigh Riders #1)

The bitter fault of one caused the magic from within to wither and die. NOW AVAILABLE at all retailers.  Paperbacks avaiable via Lulu.

Moss Manor

A clean yet witty story about Lady Abigail Moss who is an independent woman every man desires and who every woman desires to be.

Snowed In With Him

"Wow! Fun, flirty, and sexy. I need a Wesley." Missy, Goodreads

Just Breathe Series

"It's not very often I get into romance, especially erotic romances, but when I do, I managed to find the hottest, oddest and sexiest stories ever written!"  BookzBookzBookz, Goodreads


Red Knight Series

"Sweeney explores life in another galaxy and the way women are treated as just pieces to be used and tossed away.  Knight Takes Pawn isn't always pretty, but it shows you that we all have the power to fight for our own selves and to never give up."  Darlene Avery, Goodreads

The Killmore Duet Series

"That is exactly the Suspenseful, Action-Packed , pull your hair out emotionally, Intense Ride you will be taken on, once you open Martha Sweeney's Killmore."  Mandy Saial, Goodreads

Hot Georgia Rein

"Martha Sweeney has once again lured me deeply into her world of fiction...I have read a variety of genres written by this writer. She has never once disappointed me." Danielle Urban, Goodreads

Bookish: Adult Coloring Book

"Awesome! Finally there's a coloring book to satisfy readers of most any genre, but most especially romance. This is a fun book with quotes, illustrations, and even some activities that include listing your book boyfriend(s), favorite heroes, drawing your favorite book cover, and more. The illustrations are stylish and fun and the quotes are focused on books!"  Michelle Hauf, Goodreads



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